Thursday, September 29, 2011

Beginning Drawing class

I am taking a beginning drawing class this year at our community college. Most of my assignments have been less then stellar. I am not very good at drawing. But this last assignment turned out great. I followed the directions the teacher gave and 7 hours later had a very good piece of art to show. In class we have to put our drawings on the board and have them critiqued by the class.

My drawing got picked as a favorite by a student, received nice comments from the teacher as well as a round of applause. (one of only three drawings to get this) Finally the teacher asked if she could put my drawing in the window of the class.

I smiled all the way home, felt a bit like a child in grade school who did good in class. I do wonder if this is a one time thing, if I can draw the next assignment as well.....

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Art History

I am enrolled in an Art History class this semester at American River College. Many of the things I saw on my Europe trip are covered in my class. I didn't even know the name orthostats but was none the less drawn to them.

Orthostats are thin slabs of stone. Defined as ~ A slab of stone set upright at the base of a wall or building to form the lower section of it, sometimes carved in relief.

Here are the photos Emmy and I took of some orthostats displayed in the British Museum. They are from the palace on Nineveh.