Friday, June 12, 2015

The Murray Girls on the road......

My mom, sister and I had a wonderful trip to Washington.  We did some antique-ing, some sightseeing, and some family visiting. We went to Farm Chicks Antique Show, tons of fun and treasures. We even won tickets to be a part of the visiting Antiques Road Show.

I love these little crepe paper party favors, i found at a Spokane antique store. I can't believe how carefully they must have been cared for to keep them in pristine condition. .45 was the original price. 

We saw this at rest stop ~smile~  They really had 6 doggies, one being too tiny to jump up on the dashboard.

Bloomsday - a running sculpture in honor of the annual Spokane Bloomsday Run

Childhood Express - a 27 ft wagon with a handle as a slide

Farm Chicks Antique Show

The Antiques Road Show

We took small items to have appraised.  I brought two small boxes, both were determined to be small souvenirs of someone's European travels.  Not very valuable, but I still like them.

My mom was pleasantly surprised by the appraisal of a vintage ring she wears.