Monday, February 3, 2014

This is an altar I made in honor and memory of the printed is titled Disappearing Ink {Requiem for the Printed Word}

A requiem is defined as a mass for a deceased person. While the printed word, i.e.: books are not completely dead, the printed word is dying a slow death.

As a child I spent hours reading the encyclopedia, The Book of Knowledge. It was a dear friend. I get nostalgic even seeing the end pages. (I used them as the center focus of the altar) So much time spent learning about the world in the pages of National Geographic. Books were a window into other worlds, they opened doors……
So many memories of getting lost in a good book that became a friend.

Those days are gone; the online world has and will continue to change our world concerning the printed word.
Rest in Peace, oh much loved book-friends. You will be missed.....