Friday, May 15, 2015

Flashback Friday - Scholastic Book Orders

I was in grade school in the 60's. School was always a struggle due to some learning differences (I'm learning to rename and reclaim the term "learning disabilities").

A HUGE saving grace for me was reading/libraries.  Books were a safe place for me. So Scholastic Book Orders still stands as a wonderful memory. The excitement over the little newspaper like flyers still fills my mind. 

I found this example of a Scholastic order form online. It was found as a bookmark inside a paperback book. Oh the memories.....  

This is a scan of one of the Scholastic book order books I have collected over the years. Of course, my copies went the way of garage sales during the past years. But sometime I see a book at the thrift store and the memory floods back....."Oh, I had that book". 

Friday, May 1, 2015

I am typing this with one finger, on my left hand (I'm right handed)..........when I signed up for the Bead Hop, I didn't know I had rotator cuff surgery in my future.

I had surgery two days ago and still have a nerve block pump attached.  The first days were really tough, as far as pain goes.  Today was a bit better. I have a long road of recovery and therapy ahead.

My bead partner isEleanor Thomas of 

She sent me some amazingly beautiful beads and more.  I am so very disappointed to have failed in this swap.

Please be sure to visit Eleanor and check out her Wooly Wire.  It is so clever and unusual. Don't you just love the little green acorn?  The hand made glass beads...WOW! All these beautiful handmade elements. 

I will be creating something with all this treasure, but it will have to be revealed. Sorry, all you Bead Hoppers :)