Friday, July 13, 2012

I have an amazing new treasure - - I went to the Goodwill in our town to drop off some stuff I was getting rid of. Sitting at the back door, in pieces, was a lawyer’s bookcase. The shelves all swing up and slide back inside to open. The shelves all stack one on the other. So it is easily moved. I drooled over it and the Goodwill guy said it had just been dropped off and he didn't want it. He didn't think it would sell. (What??) He offered it to me for free. I said "Yes, Please", so I loaded it all up in the now empty van and brought it home. Honestly, I think the Goodwill guy thought it was a broken mess. As I loaded it in the van I stacked some of the units, and he said “Oh, that’s how it goes!” But, hey it was already in my van and I wasn't giving it back. I was just trying to get away without someone stopping me ~smile~


  1. Wow, that Goodwill guy was crazy to think it wouldn't sell. What a find.

  2. Great find! Goodwill is one of my favorite places!!!

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